Release 6.0.99

  • Receive items in bulk by importing from a file!

Release 6.0.86

  • New Dedicated Tag fields available for inventory.

Release 6.0.84

  • The built in time clock feature has been dropped and is no longer supported. There are lots of good dedicated time clock systems out there like Harvest and TSHeets. We may integrate with one of these in the future if there is more demand for it.

Release 6.0.81

  • Enhancements to our B.I.G integration

Release 6.0.74

  • Enhancements to our Shopify Integration!

Release 6.0.70

  • New Receiving screen for inventory coming from production!

Release 6.0.67

  • Installs and starts using the PostgreSQL database.

Release 6.0.63

  • SMS texting capabilities are now baked into BusinessMind.

Release 6.0.62

  • Tag printing configuration is handled on cloud servers only. All legacy local configurations are disabled.

Release 6.0.49

  • New contacts screen!

  • 5X speed increase on customer screen loading!

  • Contact source field is dropped.

  • Designating a contact as a client is no longer manual. It happens automatically if the contact makes a purchase.

  • Designating a contact as a vendor is no longer manual. Any contact can supply you with products.

  • Employees no longer have a special designation if entered as a contact. Note: for backwards compatibility with some commission features, you may need to submit a request to tech support to enable legacy features pertaining to this.

  • Quick Letter feature is dropped, because it is 2017 now.

Release 6.0.42

  • New Model Screens!

  • Vendor lookup in model screen is now a "type ahead" field.

  • Department field renamed to Tracking 0

  • Type field renamed to Tracking 1

  • Item Code field renamed to Tracking 2

Release 6.0.40

  • New SKU detail screen!

  • Legacy CBT field is no longer supported.

  • Asset sharing on SKUs no longer requires a link to a contact.

  • Auto-generate description feature is dropped. This is only available on a custom basis now.

  • Third price can no longer be treated as cost. The cost is the cost, and that's that!

  • New Shopify fields available!

  • Unused tabs and fields no longer fill and clutter the screen.

  • Disassemble Item feature is dropped. To disassemble an item adjust its qty down and receive in the result pieces of the disassembly.

  • Model number is not editable since every SKU must be associated with a Model.

  • SKU is no longer editable. To change the SKU of an item, adjust its qty to 0, then receive it again as the desired SKU.

  • Screen is designed for dimensions used in typical browser windows.

Release 6.0.29

  • Support for TracTech RFID as the preferred and default RFID integration for BusinessMind!

Release 6.0.20

  • New Inventory Receiving Screen!

Release 6.0.19

  • Employee scheduler feature is now unsupported due to lack of demand.

Release 6.0.12

  • System configurations are handled via cloud servers. All other configuration areas are deprecated.

Release 6.0.9

  • Consolidated all local setting to a single file.

  • Prepared the way local settings are stored to be compatible with upcoming browser based version.

  • Printing to "3 inch tape receipt" printers is no longer supported as a standard feature. 99% of users utilize laser or ink jet printed documents.

  • Dropped support for Magellan RFID equipment due to lack of demand for these devices.

Release 6.0.5

  • You can now logout and log back in as the same user or a different one without quitting the app!

Release 6.0.4

  • Optimized authentication procedure with cloud servers.

  • Use a valid email address as a username. Other usernames are not supported.

  • Introduction of new "role" based privileged access systems.

  • If you forget your password or need to reset it, you now do so by clicking the little blue "Reset Password" link right under the login area. Follow the steps through your browser and email to perform the reset.

Release 6.0.3

  • Multiple confusing scan fields are now consolidated in the Physical Check.

  • Directly editing cost on SKUs is disabled since it is not compatible with most accounting programs and its generally accepted as being an anti-pattern in terms of best practices for inventory management/accounting. If you discover an item with an incorrect cost, remove and restock it with the correct cost.

Release 6.0.1

  • Requires installation of an ElasticSearch database.

  • Faster search!

Release 6.0.0

  • Legacy reports moved under the Search menu in a submenu called Pre-Built.

  • Legacy Accounting is dropped. Use Xero integration instead.