Release 6.1.104

  • More speed for lookups by SKU or barcode or rfcode

  • Improved tag printing

  • Improved Shopify connectivity.

Release 6.1.103

  • Added a new tool to the advanced inventory admin that lets you use a file to batch update SKUs, (such as price or archived state). For users with manager level roles only!!!

elease 6.1.102

  • Move sku from shelf to shelf, from the SKU screen.

Release 6.1.101

  • The SKU detail screen has controls that allow you to edit qty at existing shelf locations at your own geolocation. This is not an alternative to properly transferring inventory across your multi store setup, or proper receiving. Don't try to use it as a short cut! Follow inventory management best practices for best results.

  • SKU archiving is a standard field now. Check it on or off as needed, then use it to filter in or out of your smart sets. Simple!

  • Quickly add skus to your Sets by entering the sku, barcode, or rfcode into the "Add Sku" box in the Set toolbar.

  • Improved labels. If you have custom fields whose labels looked like this ... my_custom_field_name, it will now probably look like this ... My Custom Field Name

  • SKUs now display Ages both at location (answers the question "How long has this been on this shelf?"), and overall absolute age of the SKU via time created (answers the question "How long has it been since we first received this SKU?") value which is set at creation and does not change.

Release 6.1.100

  • Improvements to new tag printing, including new formatters.

  • Fixed a UI scrolling issue in invoice creation

  • More improvements to Model creation screen

Release 6.1.99

  • Tracking 0 - 2 fields are now controlled at the Model level and branch down to member SKUs.

  • Significant performance increases in SKU list and detail screens

  • SKU detail screens now show detailed per shelf location level qtys.

  • Improved Model detail screens

  • Cost hiding is done through the use of asterisk characters like *****. All other cloaking schemes are available only on a custom basis.

Release 6.1.97

  • If you share ownership on some SKUs you must put the asset value that belongs to you in the cost field. The other portions of value go in the other value field.

  • Improved RTV screen

  • Improved view of invoices with no contact

  • Improvements in SKU set views. Better searching.

Release 6.1.96

  • Receipt printing is fully updated throughout the program.

  • Updates to Shopify integration to keep it up to date with the latest from Shopify

Release 6.1.95

  • Fixed a typo that was causing comments to not be recorded on qty adjustments

  • Increased the event limit on model view to 250 from 100

  • Fixed a bug in receiving by file where the receiving note was not being saved in the item note

  • Legacy Item List view is removed

  • Last used tag printer is now remembered.

  • Fixed a bug where POS wasnt opening from link on sale home screen

  • Legacy Batch Item Qty adjustment tool has been removed

  • Fixed an issue where credit note number was not printing

  • Made some tweaks so item sale view can cope with migrated data better

  • COM Port based cash drawer support has been dropped. See our blog for reviews of recommended compatible cash drawers.

Release 6.1.94

  • New contacts merge tool!

Release 6.1.93

  • Skus has a new column called Event Ref Id that you can search in or display in columns.

  • Cost editing is now done just via the cost field if role permits. The legacy cost editor dialog has been removed.

  • Price editing is now just done directly in the price field if your role permits. The legacy price change dialog has been removed.

Release 6.1.92

  • BusinessMind now supports a single price per SKU. Multi pricing capabilities are now only available through customization of fields.

Release 6.1.88

  • RFID comparison in cycle count is now case insensitive

  • Dropped support for 3 inch tape printing.

  • Old invoice print layouts have been completely replaced with the new layouts. Your invoice and receipt printouts will look completely different!!!!

Release 6.1.87

  • New Tag Printing Subsystem! This complete overhaul makes tag printing a much better citizen on machines that have virus protection on them.

  • Hugely improved metrics calculation. Huge speed improvements and much more efficient.

Release 6.1.86

  • When creating invoices, orders, or credit notes, when you lookup the customer, the delivery info label will turn into a link that will show all the addresses of the selected customer in a dropdown when clicked if there are any. Selecting one will put the text into the delivery info text area.

Release 6.1.85

  • New feature: Add items to a set by file containing skus, barcodes, and/or rfcodes. - To access this, click the Set, then look in the little menu widget on the left of the column label row.

  • Removed Import images tool - this is now offered as a pay per instance service only.

  • Added warning for when creating more than 10 new skus with SKU per item option on receiving.

  • Misc fixes!

Release 6.1.84

  • CSV exports now include ALL columns available, in alphabetical order.

  • Improved metrics performance.

  • Fixed a bug with searching on Age column in SKUs

  • New SKU lists now display images!!

  • New Set (as opposed to Smart Set) functionality IN SKUs.

  • Misc improvements to Set/SmartSet views.

  • Removed InterItemQtyTransfer. Use bulk qty adjustment instead.

  • Added pdf grid output for Skus list. This replaces the old catalog feature.

Release 6.1.80

  • New Cycle Count Tool! (physical check)

  • New Adjust Qty by file administrative tool. This is accessible from the Inventory Home screen.

  • Added new scan to file tool. This can be used to get barcodes and rfcodes into a file. You can also manual type using this tool to add stock ids. This tool is linked from where you do cycle counts from in the SKUs list views.

Release 6.1.78

  • Added Copy To New Quote function (lets you copy the items on a quote to a new quote quickly)

Release 6.1.75

  • Column selection is now available in Smart Sets!

  • All the standard performance metrics, mainly Gross Margin Percent, Turn, GMROI, and Avg Age When Sold, are calculated for inventory as a whole in metrics, and also on a per model basis.

  • Discount percent calculation precision has been increased to prevent weird cents from showing up sometimes on line items.

Release 6.1.74

  • New Integration!!

Release 6.1.72

  • Ever wanted to be able to import contacts into your system from a file? Now you can!

Release 6.1.68

  • Added a new module called Replenishment Plan.

  • Added a new metric in inventory called replenishment. It shows the total cost and qty of merchandise expected to be received.

  • Added a new metric in inventory called Demand Cost. It shows the cost and units of the total unmet demand (orders). This is stock that is missing based on inventory, workshop, and the replenishment plan, needed to meet current orders.

  • Added a new metric in workshop called Demand. This shows the count of component items needed to assemble things on order that have a BOM. This will always show 0 if your system does not have a custom BOM module installed.

Release 6.1.67

  • Support for Clearent EMV card payment processing!

  • New printout for card payment authorizations that adheres to EMV requirements.

  • Enhanced recent purchase display on customer screen

  • Printable customer wish lists!

Release 6.1.65

  • Added a new feature that lets you copy all the lines on an invoice into a new credit note screen. Makes doing large returns from clients fast!

Release 6.1.63

  • Improved components view directly within SKU detail screen!

Release 6.1.61

  • Debut of the new improved orders module!

  • Look of the Sku list view is much improved

Release 6.1.56

  • New metrics in contacts home screen!

Release 6.1.54

  • Lots of improvements to RFID support.

Release 6.1.47

  • Beautiful new print options for gift receipts and credit notes!

Release 6.1.46

  • Beautiful new print options for Invoices!

Release 6.1.45

General improvements to Sales invoice management.

  • Partially Editable Credit Notes and Invoices

  • Delete Payments, Refunds, or Credit Allocations

  • Allocate credit from credit notes to invoices to lower their balances.



  • Fixed some field labels so they make more sense.

  • Added role based privilege control for invoice editing, payment creation, refund creation, credit note editing, and credit note allocation.

  • Improved load management for metrics.

  • Misc bug fixes!

Release 6.1.39

  • New RTV screen! Use this to make returns to vendor, either of purchased or consigned goods.

  • Also allows to process returns to vendor in bulk by file.

Release 6.1.38

  • Introducing Metrics! New real-time at a glance indicators to help you gauge business performance and key factors throughout the day.

Release 6.1.37

  • Speed, Speed, and more Speed!!!

Release 6.1.33

  • Integrations with Xero will no support individual account and tax configurations per Geolocation.

Release 6.1.31

  • This release adds support for simultaneous use of RFID and regular barcode tags.

Release 6.1.27

  • Models can now be assigned a bar code. This is useful for high qty items where you want to still assign each item their own SKU, but when replacing a tag you don't want to have to track down the specific unit. You can tag it with a model level barcode!

Release 6.1.22

  • Added a new invoice view! This is a view that BusinessMind never had before. It displays an invoice on screen with a scrolling list of line items embedded in the window.

  • This is not to be confused with the sale view that enumerates each item sold, as opposed to each invoice created. (Hint: An invoice can have multiple items within it!)

Release 6.1.21

  • Improvements to system logging and background process management for auto starting on boot, etc.

Release 6.1.19

  • More data shifted from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Release 6.1.14

  • Case insensitive searches are now possible in Smart Sets

Release 6.1.10

  • CouchDB functions are fully replaced by PostgreSQL in this release.

Release 6.1.9

  • Significant enhancements to emailing capabilities. These are now hosted and sent via our cloud systems.

Release 6.1.3

  • Enhancements to the Contact screen

Release 6.1.0

  • Improved Xero integration!

  • Introduction of new Smart Sets functionality.

  • Brand new look! Taking on the character of what it will look like when in a browser and iPad