Release 6.2.65

  • Lots of work under the hood working towards that ever elusive but much sought after browser based version for desktop and iPad!

Release 6.2.64

  • New Contact Performance fields! Dollars per year, transactions per year, total spent, avg item purchase price, min item purchase price, max item purchase price, latest transaction amount, and more! These are searchable, sortable, and csv exportable! These are only available to users with certain roles.

  • Legacy msrp field has been deprecated.

  • Need to hide metrics on a publicly visible device? Now you can through the preferences screen.

Release 6.2.63

  • New metrics for Net Memo/Returns!

  • New Today metrics for sales and inventory that show you today’s activity at a glance.

Release 6.2.62

  • Auto logout timeout increased to three hours up from 30 minutes.

  • New screenlock feature lets you lock your BusinessMind screen from the main nav in case you need to walk away. Unlock the screen with your password.

  • Screenlock auto activates after 30 min.

Release 6.2.61

  • New Sales Metrics! Payments Received, Refunds, and Net Receipts.

  • LGI integration has been updated.

  • Server side database efficiency improvements.

Release 6.2.60

  • New POS now supports digital signatures from PAX payment terminals with both TSYS and Clearent services.

  • Improved memory performance for workstations.

  • Better handling of receipt printing in new POS.

  • Preferences icon has been added to the main navigation tool bar.

Release 6.2.58

  • Improved efficiency and fault tolerance of DejaVu BusinessMind data backup service.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented model images from displaying on contact wish lists and wish list printouts.

Release 6.2.57

  • SKU Product Grid will now fall back to displaying the model image if the SKU does not have an image file attached directly to it.

  • Improved smart set conditions that search for empty values.

Release 6.2.56

  • New POS now supports emailing receipts.

  • New POS now supports texting receipts.

Release 6.2.55

  • Huge improvements to typeahead and lookup field responsiveness.

  • Fixed some issues with freezes on the wait spinner.

Release 6.2.54

  • It’s now possible to edit the model number of a model if you have manager level permissions.

  • Users with manager level permissions can now edit the SKU of an item.

  • Contacts recent purchases display now includes $0 transactions.

Release 6.2.53

  • Fixed an issue with the installer under MacOS Mojave.

  • The limit on the number of total sets you can have has been increased by 10 for all modules.

  • CSV downloads now only give you the columns you have selected.

  • Fixed an issue with the display of dates in CSV downloads.

  • Fixed a UI color issue with buttons.

  • Some long deprecated legacy features have been removed.

Release 6.2.52

  • Much faster PDF rendering (on average over 300% faster!!)

  • Security auto-logout after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  • Rewrote the device settings UI. You can now activate simple login for your device from here.

  • If new POS module is activated, legacy POS will also auto logout after a POS transaction session completes.

Release 6.2.51

  • Faster loading on the contacts screen

  • Removed limit of 100 displayed recent purchases on the contact screen

  • Enhanced information on recent purchase display

  • Fixed some navigation issues with the back button when navigating to and from the recent purchase history view.

Release 6.2.50

  • New POS now supports the ability to add a new customer during the transaction.

Release 6.2.46

  • Added advanced sales tools screen.

Release 6.2.45

  • New POS now supports integrated credit card payment type!.

Release 6.2.44

  • New POS now supports Check, and Other payment types.

  • New POS now supports enterable cash tender amounts in addition to preset buttons.

  • Text in the UI you can’t select can now be copied to clipboard by right-clicking on them.

  • Fixed an image loading issue.

Release 6.2.43

  • Redesigned Login

  • Fixed some issues in new POS when trying to complete a sale with no customer selected.

Release 6.2.42

  • First preview release of the new POS module!

Release 6.2.41

  • UI improvements.

  • Event Ref Ids are now visible as a column on Sales sets.

  • Misc bug fixes.

Release 6.2.40

  • Scan listeners have been improved to require less scan gun configuration.

  • Fixed an issue with images on receipts.

  • Improved legacy POS compatibility.

  • Updated UI color palette.

Release 6.2.38

  • Fixed a number of PDF rendering issues.

  • Fixed a problem with a dialog prompt in prepayments screen.

Release 6.2.37

  • Enhanced SKU view column selection.

Release 6.2.33

  • Improved permission roles for organizations.

Release 6.2.32

  • Improved legacy memo compatibility.

Release 6.2.31

  • Improved memory management for huge images.

  • Fixed some image printing issues.

  • Improved legacy POS compatibility.

Release 6.2.30

  • Improved memory management when loading hundreds of huge images.

  • Fixed a conflict between new Prepayments feature and legacy POS.

  • Fixed an issue preventing images from printing correctly on quotes and orders.

Release 6.2.29

  • Fixed an issue where invoices notes would not display correctly.

  • Contacts list can now display up to three notable dates (up from two).

  • Fixed a number of other minor misc UI annoyances.

Release 6.2.28

  • Thew new Prepayments (previously called "deposits") feature is now live! Use them for advance payments of any kind for which there is no invoice yet.

  • Enter stand alone prepayments, then allocate them as credit on invoices, or refund them.

  • Prepayments are full integrated with Xero accounting.

Release 6.2.27

  • Improved batch SKU adjustment tools

  • Updated CRM module with improved distinction between person and company contacts

  • SKUs list now displays notes correctly

  • Custom model fields now appear on screen when receiving with the CREATE NEW MODEL option.

  • Fixed a number of qty display issues in customer memos.

Release 6.2.26

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Quotes and Orders

  • Lots of UI bug fixes and improvements!

  • Memos module moves to v6! (Legacy to remain available side-by-side for a few releases)

  • SKUs list now includes columns to reveal memo information for items out on memo.

  • SKUs detail view now links to Memos is SKU is out on a memo.

  • v6 Memos allow for limited editing of Memos and also appending of additional items. (Manage memo is still in legacy window)

Release 6.2.25

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Quotes and Orders

Release 6.2.24

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Invoices

  • Revised sales home screen

Release 6.2.23

  • Lots of minor UI bug fixes and improvements!

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Contacts and Organizations

  • Improved UI for contacts and Organizations detail views.

  • Added a screen capture ability which operators can use to quickly take screen pictures to submit along with requests for assistance.

  • Enhanced receiving screen new model creation options.

Release 6.2.21

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Sales

Release 6.2.19

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Models

Release 6.2.18

  • Skus set list screen will now fallback to displaying the image of the model of any Sku that does not have an image attached.

  • Eliminated some rounding based display anomolies

  • New Geoshelf column combines Geolocation and Shelf columns into one (optional)

  • Model screen qty display issue resolved

  • Smarter back button on SKU can now return state of filter field and page

  • SKU quick find field directly from Inventory Home screen

  • Added model_barcode column for SKUs

  • Fixed a column display issue in SKU query tools

  • Updated Login screen

  • New "busy" indicator more clearly indicates when application is processing

  • Jump to a SKU smart query directly from the Inventory Home screen

  • Many misc improvements to SKU sets and searching

  • Fixed a potential issue with printing wrapped lines on tags

  • Fixed an issue where Jobs in contact recent purchase history were being opened as models and causing an error.

  • Improved receipt reprinting

Release 6.2.17

  • This release includes our v2.0 Xero integration module.

Release 6.2.16

  • Improved display of memo qty in SKUs

  • Faster searches in SKUs

Release 6.2.15

  • Addressed an issue with URL encoding

  • Fixed an issue with sorting on SKU sets

Release 6.2.14

  • New search type in Skus querys - IN and NOT IN.

  • Greatly improved SKU searching capabilities

  • Jump directly to any SKU set from the inventory home screen!

Release 6.2.13

  • Fixed an issue that could affect some Sales smart sets

Release 6.2.11

  • New batch model update advanced inventory tool.

  • Fixed an issue with new Sku set creation

  • Addressed an issue in invoice printing with notes

  • Improved compatibility with Eltron tag printers

Release 6.2.9

  • The release contains v2.0 of the Shopify integration module. This version is fully up to date with the Shopify API and offers better performance.

Release 6.2.8

  • Fixed a login issue with choosing geolocation

  • Fixed some behavior glitches in model screen

  • Addressed issues affecting dropdown menus in legacy job screens.

Release 6.2.7

  • Fixed a "trial" message in the installer.

  • Fixed some display bugs in the sku detail screen

  • Fixed an issue in tag printing

  • Fixed a spacing issue on some printouts

Release 6.2.6

  • Huge improvements to update installers to make them faster and remove certain issues with directory permissions.

  • Minor improvements to invoice printing

  • New tag formatting options

Release 6.2.1

  • The installers now properly request admin privileges as needed

  • General clean up and misc improvements

Release 6.2

  • The need for a VPN (Hamachi) has been eliminated for cloud hosted installs.

  • Performance improvements for cloud hosted installs.