Release 6.3.99

  • Name of a discount used on a sale at POS is now shown on the smart set sale listing.

  • Brand new user administration UI.

  • In the daily summary, net sales and net markup now correctly do not count gift card sales.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Ref id to not display in the notification email when receiving by file.

Release 6.3.96

  • POS now allows you to add an item to a recently created layaway.

  • POS permits putting an item on layaway with a $0 prepayment.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented taking returns of items sold at a different store.

  • Fixed misc display bugs.

Release 6.3.94

  • Users can now attach up to 5 Skus to a job from directly within the POS job creation screen.

Release 6.3.91

  • Huge speed increase for jobs listings

Release 6.3.90

  • Skus indicate whether they were received by file.

  • Created By is now a column in most smart sets.

Release 6.3.89

  • Corrected the problem with the missing button for deleting a configured discount.

  • Double clicking an attachment now opens it with your computers default viewer for the given document type.

Release 6.3.88

  • There is a new receiving summary output available as PDF.

  • Prepayments taken at v6 POS now more clearly indicate what layaway or job they are for.

Release 6.3.87

  • Improved invoice editability for privileged roles.

Release 6.3.86

  • Improved the custom lookup sorting in v6 POS.

  • After completing a v6 POS transaction, there is now an option to continue to a new transaction keeping the same customer so you don’t have to look them up again.

Release 6.3.84

  • v6 POS now fully supports Trade-In processing features!

  • v6 POS now works with supported cash drawers!

Release 6.3.83

  • v6 POS now fully supports Layaway processing features!

  • Improved prepayment receipt layout.

Release 6.3.82

  • Xero integration support for accounts of Xero type Direct Cost

  • Customer screen improvements

Release 6.3.81

  • v6 POS supports Job take in, job prepayments, and job pick

  • New “custom amount” sale and refund lines now supported in v6 POS for privileged roles.

  • Tons of speed improvements!

Release 6.3.71

  • Reprint Receipts or Gift Receipts right from v6 POS

  • v6 POS now supports on account sales

  • v6 POS supports Tracking tags for reporting

  • v6 POS supports assigning multiple sales agents to a sale

  • v6 POS supports returns, refunds, and exchanges

  • v6 POS supports Gift Cards

  • v6 POS supports Split payments

  • New eGiftCards supported in v6 POS!

  • New invoice level discounting supported in v6 POS!

Release 6.3.59

  • Metrics improvements

Release 6.3.58

  • Tax configuration screen has been completely rewritten.

  • Choice list editing is now done in-line. No need to leave what you were doing to visit a control panel. Role permissions apply of course.

  • Lots of little bugs fixed.

Release 6.3.48

  • The Appraisals module has received a full face lift for version 6.

Release 6.3.41

  • Discounts now fully ported to v6 POS

Release 6.3.36

  • Added a new CVS download option to contacts that exports in Mailer House friendly format. Makes doing mailings faster and easier.

Release 6.3.33

  • Major improvements in Shopify integration

  • Ability to signal BM for specific models not to feed images to Shopify. This allows the user to directly handle the images in the Shopify Admin while BM handles keeping everything else updated.

  • New field Online Tracking0 in models feeds to Shopify Type field

  • Specific price and discounted price fields for Shopify in the Model screen

  • Compatibility with the latest Shopify API

Release 6.3.32

  • Added language aware searching to Jobs module

  • UI cleanup and enhancements

Release 6.3.31

  • Improvements in tax handling with Xero integrations

Release 6.3.30

  • Minor improvements and big fixes for new workshop module.

Release 6.3.29

  • Task time management improvements for jobs

  • New “technicians” column for workshop smart sets. This value is defaulted to sku notes during receiving from workshop.

  • Order jobs now get the order reference value set as the Job note.

  • For users with custom BOMs, Job materials will no pre-populate from the model BOM when a model is specified on a job.

Release 6.3.28

  • Lots of under-the-hood improvements for models and bill of materials.

Release 6.3.27

  • Layaway module rewritten will full support for new UI look and features.

  • Jobs module rewritten will full support for new UI look and features. This includes improved materials and routing handling, faster data entry, order awareness, repeat repair lookups, and much more.

  • Layaway and Job print layouts have received a much needed overhaul and are now consistent with all other document layouts.

  • Updated all print layouts in legacy POS.

  • Faster receipt emailing.

  • Faster job lookup at legacy POS.

  • Inter store item transfer functions have been fully rewritten. They are now optimized and modernized for superior ease of use and speed.

  • The legacy layaway and job screens have been deprecated.

  • All legacy remaining reports have been deprecated and replaced.

Release 6.3.18

  • Items out on memo can now be restocked from the memo screen.

  • Items out on memo can now be sold directly from the invoice screen.

  • The legacy manage memo screen have been deprecated.

Release 6.3.17

  • Big performance gains in the memo creation screen.

  • Filling customer orders (Mfg & Wholesale) from the memo creation screen is now fully supported.

  • Legacy Manage Customer Order has been removed.

  • The Legacy Shipping module is deprecated, soon to replaced with an integration option.

Release 6.3.16

  • Did a lot of work with a focus on Sales metrics.

  • Added new sales metrics for sales applied and prepayments applied.

  • Added csv downloads for legacy refunds, deposits, and gift cards data.

  • The legacy sales report, gift card report, daily summary report, and purchasing clients report have been deprecated and replaced by v6 style equivalents.

  • Legacy gift cards list view and detail view are removed.

  • Filling customer orders (Mfg & Wholesale) is now done from the invoice screen. The legacy manage customer order screen has been deprecated.

Release 6.3.15

  • Began converting over legacy commissions to v6.

  • Big performance improvements in invoicing features.

Release 6.3.14

  • Legacy attributes of application user logins which depended on being linked to contact are removed. Application users have no relationship to Contacts and are managed completely separately.

Release 6.3.13

  • Added support for browsing Associates’ Sales with smart sets and search. This allows viewing of sales and portions of shared sales by associates with ease.

Release 6.3.12

  • Added v6 tools for working with legacy deposits and refunds to aid with the transitions.

Release 6.3.9

  • Removed huge portions of legacy under-the-hood code underpinning a lot of different very old aspects of the app.

  • Legacy transfer balance tool has been replaced by v6 equivalent.

Release 6.3.8

  • Solved a lot of quirks in the back button, especially when more than one tab is open.

  • Replaced 98% of legacy lookups with new v6 lookups, even in legacy POS screens.

  • Huge speed improvements in lookups and typeahead fields.

Release 6.3.7

  • Big speed and responsiveness improvements for stock receiving module.

Release 6.3.6

  • More under-the-hood database preparations.

Release 6.3.5

  • Cleaned up smaller UI loose end.

  • Lots of under-the-hood database preparations.

Release 6.3.4

  • Enhancements to the contact import by file tools.

  • Improved contacts screen layout.

  • Added performance values (Dollars per year, transactions per year, total spent, etc…) to the contact detail screen. These are only visible to users with certain roles.

Release 6.3.2

  • Add customer balance search and sort capability to your contacts smart sets!

  • New transactions view on contacts screen that shows invoice, credits, payments, and refund details chronologically, plus the ability to download that data as CSV! This replaces deprecated legacy activity reports.

  • There is also a csv download option for legacy style transactions view now available from the contact screen for a short time. This is useful for cleaning up and preparing to move to v6 style bookkeeping.

  • Remaining legacy menu actions have been consolidated and made available in a drop down that is accessible from the legacy icon on the main navigation bar.

  • New Legacy Balances CSV download is now available for a short time. This lists every customer alphabetically that has a non zero legacy balance, legacy job deposit amount, or legacy layaway deposit amount and shows the values for those three amounts. Useful for cleaning up and preparing to move to v6 bookkeeping!

  • The contact screen now shows the v6 balance and memo balance. The legacy balance and legacy deposits also still show.

  • The wishes metric data has been enhanced for speed and additional information, including occasion data for contacts! Makes it easy to sort and find wish items for customers who have upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

  • The legacy contacts list view has been deprecated.

  • The Taxable Sales metric and enhancements to the sales smart sets now replace the deprecated legacy receipts/invoices report.

  • The new payments and refunds metrics from the sales screen now replace the deprecated legacy payments and refunds report.

  • The metrics data from the sales screen now fully replace the deprecated legacy transactions report.

  • The metrics data from the sales screen now fully replace the deprecated legacy daily activity report.

  • The enhanced Wishes metric on the contact home screen now fully replaces the deprecated legacy special dates vs wish list report.

Release 6.3.1

  • Added a Taxrate column to sales and also in taxable sales metrics data. This is helpful for working with sales taxes under the Wayfair ruling .