BusinessMind's Built-In Accounting Is End-Of-Life

--- EDITED Jan 31, 2017 --- 

The final EOL date for BusinessMind's built-in accounting is being moved to May 15, 2017 in order to allow customers who plan to switch to Xero integrated accounting more time to prepare for the change.


BusinessMind's built in accounting module was announced a few months back as an EOL legacy feature. It has been replaced with an integration with the Xero accounting application as published on our website in June 2016. 

BusinessMind's legacy built-in accounting module will be permanently and completely removed in version 6.1. All support for the legacy built-in accounting module in 6.0.x versions will be dropped by March 1, 2017. All support for the module in version 5 releases of BusinessMind has also already ended.

If you are presently using the built-in legacy accounting module, it is imperative that you begin planning to switch to a different accounting software. If you prefer to continue to have an accounting system that is integrated with your BusinessMind inventory, workshop, and point of sale, we believe you will find Xero to be an excellent replacement for the old built-in module. Using Xero for your accounting is not required to continue using BusinessMind if you do not require integrated accounting.