AGP Series 100 T470 Cash Drawer for Jewelry Store POS

The AGP Series 100 T470 cash drawer is a good choice for jewelry store point of sale terminals powered by BusinessMind.

In the past, most cash drawers used a serial port interface for connecting to the point of sale terminal. Serial ports in computer terminal are essentially obsolete now. Typical Windows or Mac based computers released within the last five years have not included serial ports as standard hardware. Other jewelry store point of sale systems have been hampered by this modernization of computer hardware. However, BMJ has no such reliance on obsolete hardware.

This AGP cash drawer is a network based cash drawer. It uses common ethernet to plug directly into your network and it communicates over ubiquitous TCP/IP. This means that you can even share this single cash drawer between two point of sale stations in your jewelry store. It also means that iPads running BusinessMind version 6.0 point of sale will work with this cash drawer.


Designed around a full size till, the narrow footprint of the APG Series 100 Cash Drawer minimizes the amount of counter space required. There is ample storage in a deep under-till compartment to hold coin rolls and packaged currency. An adjustable media slot divider separates and organizes different media types. With features including steel ball bearing slides and a robust latch mechanism, the APG Series 100 is proven beyond 4 million cycles.

A durable till design and the resilient powder coat finish resist abuse in even the toughest environments. Size, color, interface, accessory and configuration options complete the Series 100 solution.

Integration with BusinessMind for Jewelers POS

Setting up the APG cash drawer for use with BusinessMind jewelry store POS is simple and straight forward.

First, plug the ethernet cord from the APG 100 cash drawer to the ethernet plug on any PC/Mac, or into your nearest network ethernet jack. After a simple configuration, your BusinessMind for Jewelers POS will be operating the cash drawer.

Raffi Minassian

Chief Codesmith, Technology Obsessor, and Founder of DCIT Corporation. I also teach Kung Fu, play guitar, snowboard, and enjoy good beer. (Not all at once.)