Attach Files To Your Jewelry Inventory Records With BusinessMind Software for Jewelers

Credit:  Image  © Nicolasmenijes.

Credit: Image © Nicolasmenijes.

BusinessMind Software for Jewelers has always provided a way to attach images to your jewelry inventory records. That feature has been with the program since it's first release all the way back in 1994.

With the latest release of BusinessMind, you can attach just about any kind of file you want to your inventory records. File attachments are also supported on Customers, Vendors, Appraisals, Special Orders, Repairs, and Style records.

You can attach JPG's, PNGs, PDFs, MOVs, MP4s ... just about any file type will work. You can download any file back to your desktop by simply double clicking the file in the attachment list. BusinessMind will show you a preview of attachments directly inside the record view. The preview currently supports JPG, PNG, and GIF with other formats soon to be supported as well.

Attach Files Of Any Kind

BusinessMind Software for Jewelers now lets you attach files of any kind to most types of records. For example, hand drawn sketches that you scan to JPEG format and attach to a special order job can come in very handy. GIA certificates in PDF are helpful when attached on jewelry inventory records. Perhaps you have 3D CAD files of your jewelry models? Now you can attach those directly to their style record in BusinessMind. Perhaps you have instructional movies demonstrating jewelry manufacturing techniques for certain challenging models? You can attach those directly to the style records. Being able to attach related files to records in your BusinessMind jewelry database helps enrich the usefulness of your data and helps keep your jewelry business organized.

Cloud Based Storage Means No Local Headaches

When you attach files to records in BusinessMind, your attachments are stored in the BMJApp Cloud, so you don't need to worry about running out of hard drive space or managing multi-gigabyte backups. The BMJApp Cloud takes care of managing availability and redundancy for you. 

Give this neat feature a try today) and see how it can improve your jewelry business for yourself.

Raffi Minassian

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