BusinessMind + Shopify Jewelry Store Websites

Build a great jewelry store website with BusinessMind and Shopify Integration

Did you know you can integrate BusinessMind jewelry inventory control with a Shopify online jewelry store through a custom built integration app? The combination lets you manage your jewelry inventory comfortably from BusinessMind while automatically propagating the latest inventory details that you choose to your Shopify store in the background. No manual importing, exporting, or syncing required! 

Out of stock on a particular item? No need to worry, BusinessMind can automatically remove it from your Shopify store until its back in stock.

A customized integration app means that you can specify the integration logic that works best for you and your store during build time. Combined with great Shopify themes, shopping cart, and ecommerce, Shopify + BusinessMind is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to get your online jewelry store presence started.

For more information on getting started with a new or existing Shopify store for integration with BusinessMind, please email your inquiry to

Raffi Minassian

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