Easily Expand Your Jewelry Store To Selling Online Through A Beautiful Website Of Your Own

This article outlines the five simple steps you can take now to expand your jewelry store to selling online through a beautiful website of your own.

1. Organize Your Jewelry Store Inventory Using BusinessMind Software for Jewelers.

Whatever you are currently using to manage your jewelry store's inventory, whether it be pen and paper or another jewelry store software program, no other method available today can do what BusinessMind can to make your expansion to having an online store simple. 

BusinessMind lets you manage your inventory in one place, automatically updating your website with new inventory when you receive, and automatically removing items as they are sold in real time

Some less advanced programs on the market rely on clumsy nightly exports of inventory into CSV files which then need to be uploaded to FTP servers along with images. Such solutions are error prone, inefficient, and insecure. Only BusinessMind's advanced jewelry inventory management technology offers real time updating of the inventory on your online store. 

2. Get the BusinessMind Shopify Integration Add-On

Once your inventory is organized, tracked and tagged using BusinessMind's jewelry inventory control system, you can add on the Shopify Integration Module. This will give you a complete and ready-to-go website, that is integrated with your BusinessMind jewelry inventory control system, including a fully functional shopping cart component. 

You are now ready to sell your own inventory from your own website. Other jewelry website services try to pump your site full of merchandise from "participating vendors". While listing some items on your website that you would have to order from your vendor before you can deliver is not a terrible idea, we believe most jewelry stores benefit more from moving the stock that is already sitting on their shelves

Before you unveil your new online jewelry store to the world, you will probably want to individualize the site a bit to make your online store as distinctive as your brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

3. Individualize Your Online Jewelry Store Website With A Beautiful Look And Feel

Individualizing your online jewelry store is easy and fun with a Shopify website enhanced with BusinessMind. Shopify's theme store offers hundreds of unique templates you can choose from and further personalize. Costs range from free to a few hundred dollars and are ready to apply to your website with point-and-click ease.

Some other jewelry website services offer a few rigid templates that end up making your website look like all the others. But Shopify's theme store features templates created by hundreds of professional website designers. And if you you want to go the extra mile for a totally unique look and feel, Shopify themes can be customized by you or a professional website designer of your choosing.

4. Configure Your Online Jewelry Store's Shopping Cart Options

You are almost ready to unveil your new online jewelry store to the world, but before you do, you will want to take 15 minutes to setup your website's shopping cart so that it works the way you would like it to. Shopify makes this easy with great features for handling credit card payments, taxes, shipping, customer account management, and more.

5. Open Your Online Jewelry Store Website For Business! 

It's time to open your online jewelry store for business. Whether it's your only jewelry store or a complement to your brick-and-mortar store, you will want to take advantage of the built in blog that Shopify offers to announce your grand opening online. Shopify websites automatically benefit from some built in search engine optimizations, and publishing on the built in blog is an added way to improve your jewelry store's search engine ranking. Shopify also provides a dashboard so you can track traffic tends, and product views. These tools help you continue to tune your online jewelry store, just as you do for your brick-and-mortar store.

So what are you waiting for?! Get BusinessMind Software for Jewelers and get your jewelry store online today!

Raffi Minassian

Chief Codesmith, Technology Obsessor, and Founder of DCIT Corporation. I also teach Kung Fu, play guitar, snowboard, and enjoy good beer. (Not all at once.)