Jewelry Inventory Control With Web Integration

BusinessMind web integration empowers your website to be a natural and easy-to-manage extension of your jewelry business. BusinessMind enables inventory information to propagate to your online jewelry store or showroom automatically. BusinessMind allows you to specify what items should appear online and whether they should be automatically removed from your website when sold. Because every integration is individually crafted, the rules for online display can be tailored to your individual needs, even according to product attributes.

Beyond automatic inventory control, BusinessMind web integration empowers you to use your online presence to engage your customers through wish list integration, seamless ecommerce, social media, and more. Custom built integration lets you engage you customers in the ways that you choose.

BusinessMind API endpoints are created to specification which allows integration with just about any web system which can support RESTful style HTTPS interfaces with JSON data payloads. For the ultimate in seamless integration, DCIT Corporation provides design, programming and hosting services for truly sophisticated BusinessMind-powered jewelry business websites which are mobile ready and individually styled for a distinctive look and feel that matches the essence of your business.

Other highlights of BusinessMind Web Integration:

Manage Jewelry Inventory Centrally

Specify which items and what information should appear online, and when, directly from your BusinessMind jewelry inventory module.

Automatically Keep Your Jewelry Website Up-To-Date In Real Time

As you sell or restock product at your brick-and-mortar locations, BusinessMind automatically propogates the changes to your online presence.

Website Updates Through Simple & Familiar BusinessMind Control Screens

Engage your customers by publicizing new products, sales, specials, store events, and more, on your website through point and click controls right in your BusinessMind web administration center. Post images and text with drag-and-drop ease and watch them appear on your website instantly stylized.

Centralized Jewelry Sales Management

Feed ecommerce jewelry sales into BusinessMind to keep customer purchase records, inventory, and bookkeping automatically up to date no matter where your sales are taking place.

Integrate BusinessMind's CRM With Your Web Presence

Integrate BusinessMind wish lists, customer special dates, and more, into your jewelry website to engage your customers directly.

Custom APIs To Fit Any Website Back End

BusinessMind web integration is a based on custom fit APIs which allows just about any web system to be supported which can communicate over RESTful style HTTPS endpoints with JSON payloads.

High Performance Hosted Solution

New site construction is available with performance optimized hosting options from DCIT Corporation

Non Templated Design Matches Your Style

New site design and development is available from DCIT Corporation which offers beautifully created, mobile ready, and optimally integrated BusinessMind websites in the style of your individual business.

Raffi Minassian

Chief Codesmith, Technology Obsessor, and Founder of DCIT Corporation. I also teach Kung Fu, play guitar, snowboard, and enjoy good beer. (Not all at once.)