Jewelry Inventory Management Software

The inventory module provides over 50 jewelry oriented functions which provide specialized control and management even over very large distributed multi-location inventories. The module is fully integrated with the rest of the software resulting in real time updates across all the information being managed. Realtime data propagation can also be utilized for web based galleries and ecommerce systems.

The inventory module goes beyond just providing a listing of jewelry items in your possession. Deep integration with the Analytics module provides true business intelligence for managing jewelry inventory assets, restocking, distribution, and more. BusinessMind keeps a full history of every movement in price, cost, qty and location for analyzing, searching, and reporting.

BusinessMind's inventory module also includes features for handling consignment jewelry while keeping the distinction from asset inventory, and also supports management of jewelry items sent out on consignment to customers.

Other highlights of the jewelry inventory module include:

Blazing Fast Search

Even when you have hundreds of thousands of jewelry items, BusinessMind's built in Indy Search engine helps you find any of them in seconds with simple keywords or complex conditional queries.


Store an unlimited number of images per item of jewelry. Images are prominently displayed in lists, reports, lookup screens and detail views.

Location Control

Manage and control the location of your jewelry inventory within your store and across multiple stores. BusinessMind's location tracking and transfer tools allow you to find and report on the location of all of your inventory, all the time.

Barcoding & RFID

Jewelry tagging features which incorporate barcodes and support for RFID solutions make tracking your jewelry inventory easy and fast. Flexible physical count functions work with barcoding and RFID to help reduce and eliminate shrinkage. UPC barcoding is also supported.

Serialized Jewelry Inventory

BusinessMind jewelry inventories can include a mix of serialized and non-serialized SKU types, providing ultimate flexibility in managing a wide range of different inventory types.


The inventory module also manages component inventories, as well as jewelry assemblies. Assembled items keep a full history of production time data and component information.

Styles, Models, and Hierarchies

Flexible approaches for the taxonomy of your jewelry items allow for analysis and reporting that makes sense no matter what types of jewelry make up your inventory. Apply a different taxonomy for web based galleries to avoid exposing categories used for internal analytics.

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