Tips For Getting The Most From Your Jewelry Business Customer Information Manager

This article is a short guide for getting the most from your jewelry business Customer Information Management software.

This article is a short guide for getting the most from your jewelry business Customer Information Management software.

Jeweler's Customer Information Management Software

When thinking of customer information management software in the jewelry industry, it's common to think of retail stores first. While CIM functions are critical for jewelry stores, manufacturers and wholesalers can also benefit from proper customer information management. 

BusinessMind Software for Jewelers provides an integrated CIM module that is powerful and easy to use. Jewelry retailers, as well as wholesalers and manufacturers, can take advantage of the features it offers to improve their businesses.

Collect Email Addresses

Maintaining a current and accurate list of your customer's email addresses should be a central part of your customer information management. Most CIM applications like BusinessMind allow you to store multiple email addresses per customer and allow you to denote a primary address. BusinessMind also allows you to attach tags on customer email addresses. Tagging email addresses can be used in a number ways to further organize information. For example, you may tag email addresses with emailer list names such as "Holiday Emailer", "Newsletter", etc to denote which email addresses should be included in which mailings. This is especially useful if a customer has more than one email address and you want to avoid duplicating monthly emails to all of her addresses, for example.

Export collected emails to your favorite email marketing tool, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. BusinessMind also lets you export by tags.

Collect Important Dates

Be sure to populate your CIM with birthday, anniversary, and other important dates for your customers. Most jewelry CIM's like BusinessMind offer specific fields for such information, along with tools to let you easily find customers with upcoming events. Combine birthday and anniversary dates along with email information to send your customers personalized event wishes by email.

Killer Feature: BusinessMind Software for Jewelers is able to cross reference upcoming important dates with customer wish lists and inventory levels to help your stores sales team provide gift purchase recommendations.

Brand Manufacturer/Wholesaler Tip: If possible, try to collect this type of information about your end consumers. You may do this through cooperation with your retail channel, or via incentives available to consumers who register at your website. Once collected, this information can be used, in the same ways that retail jewelry stores might, to foster a more direct and personal relationship with consumers for you brand.

Collect Phones Numbers

Managing phone number information is at the core of all CIMs, and even simple contact managers. In today's age of mobile phones, each customer will probably have their own phone number, even ones from the same household. Some individuals may have two mobile numbers and possible land lines as well, so make sure your CIM can manage multiple phone numbers well, with clear labels.

Collect And Maintain Clean Addresses

Managing addresses is another core contact management feature. BusinessMind Software for Jewelers' CIM module offers features for including barcodes on mailers from your favorite mail house. These barcodes can then be used to quickly purge or correct the addresses for any mailers that are returned undeliverable.

Give Each Spouse Their Own Record

Prefer creating a customer record for each individual in a household over creating a single record for both spouses. Although most couples share a physical address and sometimes even an email address, it's usually best for them to have separate customer records. This allows for clearer separation of data for analysis and improved customer communication. While most CIMs have some method of denoting relationships between contacts, it can get complicated. Don't over-bake relationship data between your customers. Include only what is needed to improve overall communication with your customers. 

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