BusinessMind Software for Jewelers Cloud Hosting with StratoServer™

If you are tired of maintaining and upgrading your own server, you might be interested in DCIT's cloud hosting service for BusinessMind called StratoServer™.

StratoServer™ is a cloud based option which eliminates the need for server hardware and associated maintenance. Your BusinessMind database and server software is hosted and managed in DCIT's StratoServer cloud service. It is maintained and serviced by DCIT, eliminating the need to maintain a local server.

What is required to switch to StratoServer™?

Since StratoServer™ is being hosted in the cloud the performance is impacted by your internet connection speed and quality. If your connection is slow or lossy then you can expect performance to be less than stellar. The minimum requirement for average performance is 1Mbps up and 1Mbps down. For optimal performance you would want your connection speed in the 3-5Mbps up/3-5Mbps range. 

One of the biggest advantages of StratoServer™ is the ability to use BusinessMind Software for Jewelers on the go. Whether you are on vacation or at a trade show, as long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to your BusinessMind server. Since your database and BusinessMind server are hosted in the cloud, it allows you to work from anywhere. Backups are done automatically eliminating any external backup software/hardware.

Multiple stores/locations?

With StratroServer™ multi location jewelry store setups are a breeze. Since the server is located in the cloud, users from multiple jewelry store locations can login easily, without the need to setup your own office VPN.

How do I decide which option to choose?


  • You do not need to purchase and maintain your own server hardware.
  • Have the ability to use BusinessMind Software for Jewelers from anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • Backups are done in the cloud eliminating the need to manage offsite backups manually.
  • Backups are included at no additional fee.


  • Performance will not be as fast as a server hosted on your local network.
  • Hosting service fees.