BusinessMind Software for Jewelers Supports Automatic City/State Lookups By Zipcode

BusinessMind Software for Jewelers has included the SmartZip feature for several years. SmartZip is a feature in BusinessMind that provides  the city and state information in an address automatically when you enter the zipcode. In the past, it was necessary to manually preload a zipcode table into the system and update it periodically.

In the most recent release of BusinessMind, this feature has been given an extra boost of intelligence through a new ability that allows BusinessMind to automatically do an internet lookup for city and state information for any given zipcode. If a match is found the state and city will be automatically filled in. This requires an active internet connection to work. 

This feature saves time and improves accuracy when entering addresses into the system. It will verify that the zip code entered is correct along with populating the city and state fields which makes data entry faster and less error prone. 

This feature currently only works for only US based zip codes. It will eventually support full international lookups.