BusinessMind Software for Jewelers Tag Printer Roundup

In recent months I have reviewed a slew of jewelry tag printers in this blog.  The time has come to answer the burning question; which jewelry tag printer should one settle with?  It is important to note that most tag printers will work very well with the BusinessMind Software for Jewelers tag printing module.  This means choosing your printer should be based on the quality and reliability of the printer.  

Many of the printers we reviewed had their pros and cons but, one printer did stand out above the rest.  Before we reveal the  best, let's briefly discuss the other models.

The least recommended model would be the Argox Power 12.  Its calibration issues tend to waste the most jewelry tags out of any other printer.  In fact, this printer's only benefit was its cheaper price point. You can do a lot better with any other model tag printer we reviewed.

The TSC 343c and the Zebra GX420t were very close in comparison.  They both are desktop class printers that are similar in size, weight, and price.  In addition both these printers are great mid range printers for moderate load printing.  The main characteristic that sets these two printers apart and places the Zebra GX420t as the better choice is the ease of loading and setting up the printer.  This makes the Zebra GX420t the winner of the desktop class printers, and the one I would recommend.  

It should come as no surprise that the flagship model printers are far better in comparison then the smaller desktop class models mentioned above.  So which printer took top billing? ...

The Zebra ZT230 was our top reviewed printer.  Its sturdy design, ease of setup, and quality components made this printer the best out of the bunch.  The Citizen SL-S700 was comparable to the Zebra ZT230 but, it comes at a higher price point without any added benefit. The Zebra ZT230 is clearly the big winner and the printer I would recommend. 

If you're just getting started with BusinessMind Software for Jewelers, or perhaps you're replacing an old printer that is already set up with BusinessMind, the Zebra ZT230 is for you.

To recap below is a list of the top three jewelry tag printers I would recommend.  Of course before purchasing any hardware, we recommend you contact our support team and inquire about what would work best for your individual setup.

1.  Zebra ZT230
2.  Zebra GX420t
3.  TSC 343c