Integrated Credit Card Processing With Your BusinessMind Jewelry POS

What is integrated credit card processing?

Integrated credit card processing is the integration of your EMV credit card processor with your BusinessMind jewelry point of sale system. 

What Are The Advantages?

There are many advantages to integrated card processing, but two stand out the most.  If you are not utilizing integrated card processing then you are doing double the work, which affects the speed of your transaction.  Your sales people must create the transaction via the point of sale system.  In addition, they must then input the transaction details into the credit card terminal manually to take in the payment.  Either during a busy shopping season or just dealing with a client in a rush, this can cause unnecessary hassle.  In addition to the double work, this leaves your staff open to the possibility of human error.  A staff member can accidentally input an incorrect dollar amount on the credit card processor that may go unnoticed until the end of the day.  This can again be time consuming, aggravating to pin point, and require additional time to correct.

With integrated CC processing everything is well, integrated.  With one step you create the transaction via your jewelry point of sale system.  The jewelry point of sale system then communicates with the CC terminal informing it of the amount needed to be charged.  At this point the client inserts their card as the CC terminal communicates with the processor for payment authorization.  Once authorized the CC terminal informs the jewelry point of sale system and the transaction is completed.  No time consuming double work, and the removal of the human element will cut down on issues caused by human error.

What Type of Setup is Involved? 

The set up is quite easy and mostly handled by our support engineers.  First you acquire your BusinessMind compatible EMV card terminals and merchant account.  TSYS is the supported service provider that we recommend.  Sign up is simple and can be initiated online here.
Once the EMV card readers arrive at your jewelry store you must plug them into a power source and connect them to your network via ethernet wire.  Now that the units are ready simply contact one of our support engineers via our help center.  We work together with the engineers at TSYS to get your terminals online and ready to start processing payments through your BusinessMind jewelry POS.