Jewelry Store POS Mag-Tek Card Reader Review

Adding a card reader to your BusinessMind jewelry store POS and configuring the software for integration with your merchant account will give you the ability to process credit card transactions quickly and easily right through your point of sale terminal. 

You can also use a card swipe and BusinessMind with store gift cards that are equipped with a magnetic stripe.

While many types of card swipes will work well with BusinessMind, one of the most popular models is the Mag-Tek Centurion .

Setting up the Mag-Tek Centurion is simple. It plugs into your workstation via a USB slot. It has a number of configuration options but the defaults are generally acceptable. You can always contact BusinessMind tech support if you feel you need help with it. 

The Mag-Tek Centurion card reader offers a reliable and convenient swipe path, and, it is capable of reading tracks 1, 2, and 3, and is USB 2.0 compatible.