Jewelry Tagging With The Argox Power 12 Plus And BusinessMind Software For Jewelers

The Argox Power 12 Plus is a desktop class jewelry tag printer by Argox. It is lightweight weighing in at just under 6 lbs.  It's dimensions are 7.4 inches wide, 6 inches tall, and 10.75 inches deep. This means it won't add too much clutter to your office space. Like most printers in it's class, it works very well with BusinessMind Software for Jewelers' tag printing module.

Setting up this printer to use with BusinessMind jewelry software is also a breeze. All that is needed is to load the media, plug in the power cord, and connect the USB cord. At this point you're almost ready to print.  Next, send your desired jewelry tag layouts to DCIT Support. Once the configuration is loaded you are ready to print.  When printing jewelry tags from BusinessMind software you will notice better performance in the speed, reliability, and consistency of the jewelry tags.

The Argox Power 12 Plus is a decent mid range jewelry tag printer for moderate to low load printing.  It's best advantage is it's low price range.  However, when compared to similar printers in it's class like the TSC 343c or Zebra GX420T, the Power 12 falls short as it's cheaper constructions can lead to more calibration issues. This makes the TSC 343c or Zebra GX420T a better value even though they carry a slightly higher price tag.