Jewelry Tagging with the Citizen CL-S700 And BusinessMind Software For Jewelers

The Citizen CL-S700 is Citizen's flagship model and a huge step up from the smaller desktop class models I have previously reviewed. It works well with BusinessMind Software for Jewelers tag printing module.

This jewelry tag printer sits at 10 inches wide, 10.5 inches tall and 19.25 inches deep. It is encased in a metal design and features a LCD display which shows configuration settings and makes troubleshooting common issues simpler.

Opening the cover reveals a simple layout inside. Once the ribbon and tags are loaded the printer will auto-calibrate which allows jewelry tags to print more consistently and reduces media waste which is most common with the smaller desktop models.

Setting up this printer to use with the BusinessMind jewelry software is also a breeze. All that is needed is to load the media, plug in the power cord, and connect the USB cord. At this point you're almost ready to print.  Next, send your desired jewelry tag layouts to DCIT Support. Once configured you are ready to print.  When printing jewelry tags from BusinessMind Software for Jewelers you will notice better performance in the speed, reliability, and consistency of the jewelry tags.

The Citizen CL-700 is very similar to the Zebra ZT230 jewelry tag printer which has been previously reviewed on our website.  The CL-700 is slightly larger then the ZT230 and comes with a more expensive price tag.  It's internal design is also slightly more complicated then the Zebra.  In terms of print quality, both printers are identical, which leads me to recommend the less expensive Zebra ZT230 over the Citizen CL-700.