Jewelry tagging with the new Zebra ZT230

The Zebra ZT230 is Zebra’s newest jewelry tag printing model which replaces their flagship proven S4M. It works very well with BusinessMind software for jewelry tag printing and is a substantial upgrade over the plastic clamshell GX or TLP series such as the GX420t or TLP2800e.

The printer sits at 10 inches wide, about 11 inches tall and 17 inches deep and encased in a all metal design. Pretty compact for a printer of this type and a bit smaller than the S4m. It features a LCD display with displays messages such as “Ribbon”, “Paper Out” etc.. which makes troubleshooting common issues simpler as well as displaying configuration settings.

Opening the bi-fold metal cover reveals a simple layout inside. The first thing you notice is a proper pivoting printhead mounting which makes adjustments for different types of jewelry tags easy and a big improvement over the S4m. It makes it effortless to thread the jewelry tags and one of the best designs we have seen. It also features auto-calibration which allows jewelry tags to print more consistently, avoiding having to re-caibrate your printer periodically.

Setting up this printer to use with BusinessMind for Jewelers is also a breeze. All you need to do is unpack it, plug in the power, connect the USB cord and turn the printer on. Then all that is left to do is contact DCIT support to have your jewelry tags configured. While using BusinessMind for Jewelers you will notice better performance in the speed when printing jewelry tags, reliable printing without re-calibration and more consistent reliable performance overall.

All in all, a solid machine that is highly recommended. The ZT230 is a huge upgrade over the GX or TLP models and is better than the S4M (which it will replace) in just about every respect.