Jewelry Tagging With The TSC 343c And BusinessMind Software For Jewelers

The TSC 343c is a jewelry tag printer from TCS. It works very well with BusinessMind Software for Jewelers tag printing module, and is a comparable model to the Zebra GX420t or Zebra TLP2800e.

This printer is a desktop class printer.  It is lightweight weighing in at 5 lbs.  It's dimensions are 8 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and 10 inches deep. This means it won't add too much clutter to your office space. This printer also operates at 300dpi which allows for smaller text sizes to be utilized.  This provides you with the ability to print more information on a smaller style tag.

Setting up this printer to use with the BusinessMind Software for Jewelers is also a breeze. All that is needed is to load the media, plug in the power cord, and connect the USB cord. At this point you're almost ready to print.  Next, contact DCIT Support to have your jewelry tags configured. Once configured you are ready to print.  When printing from  BusinessMind Software for Jewelers you will notice better performance in the speed, reliability, and consistency of tag printing.

The TSC 343c is a great mid range tag printer good for moderate load printing and is a solid machine in the desktop category.  Of course if you require a printer that supports a higher print load then you might want to look beyond this desktop class printer.