Review of the Apple Mac Mini as a BusinessMind Software for Jewelers Server

Apple's line of Mac Mini's make a great server for your BusinessMind Software for Jewelers and have a number of advantages over comparable Windows based servers.

The Mac Mini server offers a very small footprint and low power requirements, and it runs cooler than even most desktop computers. Those features make it ideal for jewelry store environments where back office space can sometimes be constrained. It's size - 6.5 inches square by 2 inches high, means it can be placed in a small locked closet or ventilated storage cabinet for good security.

The Mac Mini server is a logical choice for businesses interested in running both Mac and Windows clients. This creates a flexible enviornment where all clients can work together within the same network structure.

Price is also a big draw. For $999, businesses get a server with unlimited client access licensing to all the features that can be run on El Capitan. And the hardware is solid: There’s a dual-core 2.8-GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB Memory, 1TB hard drive four USB 2.0 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet connection and a Thunderbolt port. AppleCare can also be added for another $199 which extends the hardware warranty to 3 years.  This contrasts sharply with a base comparable Windows 10 Server that starts at $1,099 for just the server license supporting a maximum of 5 clients — without the hardware! If you need to hire a consultant to setup and manage Windows Server for you, that is also an additional cost. 

If you are interested in running your BusinessMind server software on a Mac Mini, DCIT has relationships in place that allow us to ask an Apple representative to contact you about configuring your order. Your Mac Mini will then be shipped to us at DCIT where it will be optimized and configured to run as a BusinessMind for Jewelers server. 

Once your Mac Mini is ready it will be shipped to you. When you receive it, all you need to do is plug it in and power it on. A keyboard, mouse, or monitor are not essential since DCIT will manage and maintain server updates for you remotely. 

The Mac Mini is an ideal solution for both BusinessMind Software for Jewelers and even traditional local file service. It's small footprint, powerful hardware, unique design & low maintenance make it ideal for jewelry stores and small businesses in general. 

If you would like to get more information about running your BusinessMind software for jewelers on a Mac Mini, don't hesitate to contact DCIT at and we can help you get started right away.