Running your Jewelry Business with Apple's OS X and BusinessMind Software for Jewelers

With the growing popularity of Apple's latest iMacs and Mac Book laptops, many jewelry businesses are opting to purchase and install Macs to replace aging PC hardware. The beauty, reliability and security of the latest releases of Apple's OS X operating system also provides a great incentive for adding Mac's to your jewelry business work place.

With the number of Apple's computers in jewelry stores on the rise, there are a handful of Mac OS X compatible jewelry software applications that have sprung up to meet demand. Of all of them, we are proud that BusinessMind Software for Jewelers is the most venerable, and the most flexible.

BusinessMind Jeweler's Software on your Mac

Some jewelry software claims to work on OS X, but are actually just Windows software running in emulation. BusinessMind for Jewelers runs on your Mac without the need for virtual machines or emulators. The application just sits in your OS X Dock along side all your other apps.

BusinessMind Software for Jewelers is a multi-user application that is also completely cross platform! In fact, BusinessMind has been a fully cross platform solution for over 10 years. This means that all the computers in your office or store do not need to be only Windows, or only Mac. You can have a combination of computer types and comfortably and seamlessly use BusinessMind jewelry software on them all. This provides a lot of flexibility for your staff's personal preferences. 

Did you know?

- You can use the built in iSight Camera and PhotoBooth app to quickly take pics and attach them to your repairs. I wrote about this in a previous article. 

- Mac OS X is a very stable operating system with the power of a BSD Unix operating system hidden underneath. BusinessMind Software for Jewelers harnesses that power to help your business grow. 

- Security is a big deal in today's internet connected world. Mac OS X is well built and has low susceptibility to viruses and other kids of threats that lurk on the network. You will rest well knowing that the data in your jewelry business software is safe and secure with BusinessMind running on your Mac.