The New BusinessMind Software for Jewelers Online Help Center

The internet is a source of infinite knowledge.  Of course you need to know where to look for the information you require.  That is why DCIT has created a user friendly help center to assist its ever growing BusinessMind jewelry software user base.  DCIT recently unveiled its newly designed help center which is a very powerful tool for both new and veteran BusinessMind users alike.

Help Center Sections

Log into the new [help center]( and you are be presented with three main sections.

The BusinessMind Section contains a vast number of topics focused on BusinessMind Software for Jewelers.  The OS & Hardware Section has been populated with topics by our engineers that may be useful when dealing with non BusinessMind specific inquires. Lastly, the My DCIT Account Section has topics related to your account, as well as helpful info on help desk policies and best practices.  In addition, under Promoted Articles (located on the help centers main page) you can find breaking news and important information.  Finally, there is a new Community Forum (which can be accessed by clicking the browse link next to Community located in the lower right hand corner of the help center main page).  The Community Center is a place where users can get help from each other. In today's article we will be focused on the BusinessMind section of the help center, so lets dive in.


Clicking on the BusinessMind link from the help center will bring you to the BusinessMind section of the help center.

Here you will find official articles, how-to manuals, tutorial videos, frequently asked questions, and news about BusinessMind software for jewelers.  For your convenience this area is also broken down into subsections.  Clicking on any one of the titles will allow you to see all articles listed in that subsection.  

The getting started subsection is loaded with information for new users and is specifically organized in the order of recommended viewing for new users. Many new users may want to jump directly to the tutorial videos subsection, but we recommend new users view the getting started area first.

Once you are comfortable with the getting started section we recommend you move on to the other sections which each deal with specific areas within BusinessMind like contacts, inventory, reporting etc...

Powerful Searching

In addition to the the ability to browse the various well organized topics in the help center, we also offer a powerful search tool. This search bar (located near the top right of the help center) can be utilized from any area and will search all topics within the help center.  Searching for something generic like 'top clients' will display a large number of topics guiding you in searching for your top clients.  

A more detailed search, such as 'run inventory report', will get you the information on inventory reporting. Of course if you can not find the answer to your inquiry here, you can easily open a ticket for one of our support engineers by clicking the Submit a Request link in the upper right hand corner of the help center.

Ticket Management

As noted above the help center is a great place to open ticket requests and view the status of any of your past or current ticket inquires.  Clicking on the My Activities link located at the upper right hand corner of the help desk will allow you to view both open and completed tickets.

I recommend all users check out the new and improved help center to take full advantage of the effective tools it provides.  Doing so will positively affect your BusinessMind experience.