How To Keep Up With OS Updates To Get the Most From Your Software for Jewelers

It is very important to keep your operating system up to date on all your devices.  Some users can be apprehensive about this but should not be.  If you are weary about an update simply wait a couple weeks after the updates release to see if any know issues have popped up.  You will find that updates are generally safe, as they go through a lengthy beta phase before ever reaching the end consumer.  

Updates can range in size.  The key is both large and small updates are important.  Larger updates tend to release a slew of new features and perhaps some visual polish, while smaller updates tend to focus not only on bug fixes but important security updates.  Both large and small updates are important and should not be skipped.  

You may be asking, besides the obvious importance of security and bug fixes, what other importance do updates have?   Software companies create software using the latest technology.  To take advantage of the latest software you need a current operating system as an outdated operating system will not have the support of latest software.

Remember, before applying any operating system updates it is good practice to back up your computer.  Once backed up you know you are safe if anything unexpected occurs.  

To check if you have any updates on a mac simply click on the Apple menu and select AppStore... 

Select updates then click the update all button.

To check if you have any updates from windows click on the start menu.

Choose Updates & Security

Click the Check for updates button.