Jewelry Image Capture In BusinessMind Software With The IPEVO Point 2 View Camera

The IPEVO Point 2 View is a great macro USB camera for quick and easy image capture. It captures very good quality images and can save them using the optimal JPEG format. A popular use for this type of camera is for quickly snapping images of incoming repairs, or even during routine inventory receiving. Basically anywhere that you need to quickly capture a good quality image of jewelry, this camera fits the bill well. At around $70, and easily available from, this camera stands out amongst others in the same category.

The IPEVO Point 2 View works great with BusinessMind Software for jewelers. It works equally well on MacOS and Windows, just like BusinessMind. The camera does not require any special drivers. It comes with it's own control software which downloads and installs easily. Just plug in the camera and it is ready to use.

When configured for use with BusinessMind Software for jewelers, you simply click the capture button and the image will appear directly in BusinessMind. The sum of these features make the IPEVO Point 2 View camera one of the simplest and most efficient to operate with BusinessMind jewelry repairs and workshop control software.