Beautiful & Distinctive Online Jewelry Stores With BusinessMind + Shopify

Having an online sales channel for your jewelry business is essential to success in today's tech-centric world. Thankfully, setting up a functional jewelry website, complete with a feature rich ecommerce system is easy with BusinessMind software for jewelers and it's Shopify integration option.

In some cases, jewelry business owners are concerned that using a standardized website + ecommerce platform will mean that they have to choose one of a handful of cookie-cutter templates that will make their website look bland and just like everyone else's.

With BusinessMind software for jewelers integrated together with a Shopify online jewelry store, that is simply not true! So, we decided to write this short article to showcase just a few BusinessMind + Shopify websites that we think are both beautiful and distinctive. These online stores not only demonstrate what can be achieved with a BusinessMind and Shopify integration, they also demonstrate the care and dedication that so many BusinessMind jewelers invest into their businesses. 

You will notice that all sites powered by BusinessMind and Shopify are modern, secure, and optimized for SEO. Furthermore, they showcase the jeweler's own inventory with beautiful descriptions and images that are completely under the jeweler's control and can be edited in real time directly through the BusinessMind inventory control screens. There are no reliances on external feeds or nightly uploads. The selected sites below are just a few of our staff favorites and are by no means an exhaustive list, or, in any order. We hope you find them inspiring!


Emerson & Farrar

Timelessness, dedication to craftsmanship, and an old world shop ethos are at the heart of Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry today. Their desire to house and handcraft a unique and extraordinary collection gives them a distinct aesthetic that sets them apart from any other boutique jewelry experience.

Today, Paul G. Emerson II and his four children operate the executive positions of the family business. With a commitment to family heritage and the elegant traditions of the past, Emerson & Farrar is renowned for being a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on providing things that last—unparalleled customer service and jewelry of the very highest of quality.



ESTABLISHED IN 1940 and spanning three generations of family ownership, Kentshire Galleries is one of the foremost dealers of fine period and estate jewelry. In 1988, Kentshire established a free-standing boutique in New York’s premier luxury store, Bergdorf Goodman. Their antique and estate jewelry department continues to occupy a select location on the store’s seventh floor, directly to the right of BG Restaurant. Carrie Imberman and her brother, Matthew, joined the firm in 2004. As the third generation of the family to lead Kentshire, they continue to refine the gallery’s founding vision: buying and selling outstanding jewelry and objects of enduring design and elegance. The gallery exhibits at many of the finest antique shows and has capsule collections at Opening Ceremony in New York and Los Angeles.


Mann's Jewelers

Family owned for nine generations, Mann's Jewelers has grown from humble beginnings into one of the most well-respected jewelry stores in the country. In 1922, Louis Mann emigrated with his family from Russia to North America, where he opened a jewelry store in Buffalo, NY called Louis Mann & Sons. Today Mann's Jewelers is run by the sister/brother duo of Nancy and Robert Mann.


Peridot Fine Jewelry

Each piece in the Peridot gallery is curated by owner Dawn Hendricks, who adores handmade design and one-of-a-kind gemstones. Through a series of trunk show events hosted throughout the year, their artist and clients connect, often resulting in the creation of bespoke bridal pieces or modernizing a beloved heirloom. The Peridot boutique is a place to explore, to pursue, to try on, and to be dazzled.



Beverly's Jewelers established in 1982 on of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, the jewelry shopping mecca. Their commitment to excellence has made them one of the leading independent jewelers in the Caribbean. Providing their clients with the highest quality jewelry and the highest possible level of service is what they strive for.


Market Square Jewelers

Market Square Jewelers began over 30 years ago and has grown steadily since. The marriage between the earth’s treasures and their historic gold pieces continues to inspire.  No matter the value of the gems they create with, they are focused on one piece at a time.


Raffi Minassian

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