Introducing Clearent Integrated Card Processing for BusinessMind Jewelry Point of Sale


Clearent Integrated Card Processing for BusinessMind Jewelry Point of Sale.

The new integration with Clearent Intelligent Card Processing brings new options for first class EMV credit card processing to your BusinessMind jewelry point of sale system

What Are The Advantages?

Integrated payment solutions improve the flow of your jewelry point of sale transactions. The payment terminal communicates with the point of sale to make the payment step seamless. It also avoids forcing the sales person from having to key in the payment manually which can be a source of errors.

With Clearent integration, you can choose from their sleek high quality terminals that are tested and approved to work with your BusinessMind jewelry point of sale. This comes with Clearent's advanced payment technology, excellent service and security. 

What Type of Setup is Involved? 

The set up is quite easy and mostly handled by our support engineers.  First, contact Clearent to setup your account, and select your preferred payment terminal type. Once the EMV card readers arrive at your jewelry store you must plug them into a power source and connect them to your network via ethernet wire or wifi.  Now that the units are ready simply contact one of our support engineers via our help center.  We work together with the engineers at Clearent to get your terminals online and ready to start processing payments through your BusinessMind jewelry POS.

Raffi Minassian

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