Release 6.3.30

  • Minor improvements and big fixes for new workshop module.

Release 6.3.29

  • Task time management improvements for jobs

  • New “technicians” column for workshop smart sets. This value is defaulted to sku notes during receiving from workshop.

  • Order jobs now get the order reference value set as the Job note.

  • For users with custom BOMs, Job materials will no pre-populate from the model BOM when a model is specified on a job.

Release 6.3.28

  • Lots of under-the-hood improvements for models and bill of materials.

Release 6.3.27

  • Layaway module rewritten will full support for new UI look and features.

  • Jobs module rewritten will full support for new UI look and features. This includes improved materials and routing handling, faster data entry, order awareness, repeat repair lookups, and much more.

  • Layaway and Job print layouts have received a much needed overhaul and are now consistent with all other document layouts.

  • Updated all print layouts in legacy POS.

  • Faster receipt emailing.

  • Faster job lookup at legacy POS.

  • Inter store item transfer functions have been fully rewritten. They are now optimized and modernized for superior ease of use and speed.

  • The legacy layaway and job screens have been deprecated.

  • All legacy remaining reports have been deprecated and replaced.

Release 6.3.18

  • Items out on memo can now be restocked from the memo screen.

  • Items out on memo can now be sold directly from the invoice screen.

  • The legacy manage memo screen have been deprecated.

Release 6.3.17

  • Big performance gains in the memo creation screen.

  • Filling customer orders (Mfg & Wholesale) from the memo creation screen is now fully supported.

  • Legacy Manage Customer Order has been removed.

  • The Legacy Shipping module is deprecated, soon to replaced with an integration option.

Release 6.3.16

  • Did a lot of work with a focus on Sales metrics.

  • Added new sales metrics for sales applied and prepayments applied.

  • Added csv downloads for legacy refunds, deposits, and gift cards data.

  • The legacy sales report, gift card report, daily summary report, and purchasing clients report have been deprecated and replaced by v6 style equivalents.

  • Legacy gift cards list view and detail view are removed.

  • Filling customer orders (Mfg & Wholesale) is now done from the invoice screen. The legacy manage customer order screen has been deprecated.

Release 6.3.15

  • Began converting over legacy commissions to v6.

  • Big performance improvements in invoicing features.

Release 6.3.14

  • Legacy attributes of application user logins which depended on being linked to contact are removed. Application users have no relationship to Contacts and are managed completely separately.

Release 6.3.13

  • Added support for browsing Associates’ Sales with smart sets and search. This allows viewing of sales and portions of shared sales by associates with ease.

Release 6.3.12

  • Added v6 tools for working with legacy deposits and refunds to aid with the transitions.

Release 6.3.9

  • Removed huge portions of legacy under-the-hood code underpinning a lot of different very old aspects of the app.

  • Legacy transfer balance tool has been replaced by v6 equivalent.

Release 6.3.8

  • Solved a lot of quirks in the back button, especially when more than one tab is open.

  • Replaced 98% of legacy lookups with new v6 lookups, even in legacy POS screens.

  • Huge speed improvements in lookups and typeahead fields.

Release 6.3.7

  • Big speed and responsiveness improvements for stock receiving module.

Release 6.3.6

  • More under-the-hood database preparations.

Release 6.3.5

  • Cleaned up smaller UI loose end.

  • Lots of under-the-hood database preparations.

Release 6.3.4

  • Enhancements to the contact import by file tools.

  • Improved contacts screen layout.

  • Added performance values (Dollars per year, transactions per year, total spent, etc…) to the contact detail screen. These are only visible to users with certain roles.

Release 6.3.2

  • Add customer balance search and sort capability to your contacts smart sets!

  • New transactions view on contacts screen that shows invoice, credits, payments, and refund details chronologically, plus the ability to download that data as CSV! This replaces deprecated legacy activity reports.

  • There is also a csv download option for legacy style transactions view now available from the contact screen for a short time. This is useful for cleaning up and preparing to move to v6 style bookkeeping.

  • Remaining legacy menu actions have been consolidated and made available in a drop down that is accessible from the legacy icon on the main navigation bar.

  • New Legacy Balances CSV download is now available for a short time. This lists every customer alphabetically that has a non zero legacy balance, legacy job deposit amount, or legacy layaway deposit amount and shows the values for those three amounts. Useful for cleaning up and preparing to move to v6 bookkeeping!

  • The contact screen now shows the v6 balance and memo balance. The legacy balance and legacy deposits also still show.

  • The wishes metric data has been enhanced for speed and additional information, including occasion data for contacts! Makes it easy to sort and find wish items for customers who have upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

  • The legacy contacts list view has been deprecated.

  • The Taxable Sales metric and enhancements to the sales smart sets now replace the deprecated legacy receipts/invoices report.

  • The new payments and refunds metrics from the sales screen now replace the deprecated legacy payments and refunds report.

  • The metrics data from the sales screen now fully replace the deprecated legacy transactions report.

  • The metrics data from the sales screen now fully replace the deprecated legacy daily activity report.

  • The enhanced Wishes metric on the contact home screen now fully replaces the deprecated legacy special dates vs wish list report.

Release 6.3.1

  • Added a Taxrate column to sales and also in taxable sales metrics data. This is helpful for working with sales taxes under the Wayfair ruling .

Release 6.2.65

  • Lots of work under the hood working towards that ever elusive but much sought after browser based version for desktop and iPad!

Release 6.2.64

  • New Contact Performance fields! Dollars per year, transactions per year, total spent, avg item purchase price, min item purchase price, max item purchase price, latest transaction amount, and more! These are searchable, sortable, and csv exportable! These are only available to users with certain roles.

  • Legacy msrp field has been deprecated.

  • Need to hide metrics on a publicly visible device? Now you can through the preferences screen.

Release 6.2.63

  • New metrics for Net Memo/Returns!

  • New Today metrics for sales and inventory that show you today’s activity at a glance.

Release 6.2.62

  • Auto logout timeout increased to three hours up from 30 minutes.

  • New screenlock feature lets you lock your BusinessMind screen from the main nav in case you need to walk away. Unlock the screen with your password.

  • Screenlock auto activates after 30 min.

Release 6.2.61

  • New Sales Metrics! Payments Received, Refunds, and Net Receipts.

  • LGI integration has been updated.

  • Server side database efficiency improvements.

Release 6.2.60

  • New POS now supports digital signatures from PAX payment terminals with both TSYS and Clearent services.

  • Improved memory performance for workstations.

  • Better handling of receipt printing in new POS.

  • Preferences icon has been added to the main navigation tool bar.

Release 6.2.58

  • Improved efficiency and fault tolerance of DejaVu BusinessMind data backup service.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented model images from displaying on contact wish lists and wish list printouts.

Release 6.2.57

  • SKU Product Grid will now fall back to displaying the model image if the SKU does not have an image file attached directly to it.

  • Improved smart set conditions that search for empty values.

Release 6.2.56

  • New POS now supports emailing receipts.

  • New POS now supports texting receipts.

Release 6.2.55

  • Huge improvements to typeahead and lookup field responsiveness.

  • Fixed some issues with freezes on the wait spinner.

Release 6.2.54

  • It’s now possible to edit the model number of a model if you have manager level permissions.

  • Users with manager level permissions can now edit the SKU of an item.

  • Contacts recent purchases display now includes $0 transactions.

Release 6.2.53

  • Fixed an issue with the installer under MacOS Mojave.

  • The limit on the number of total sets you can have has been increased by 10 for all modules.

  • CSV downloads now only give you the columns you have selected.

  • Fixed an issue with the display of dates in CSV downloads.

  • Fixed a UI color issue with buttons.

  • Some long deprecated legacy features have been removed.

Release 6.2.52

  • Much faster PDF rendering (on average over 300% faster!!)

  • Security auto-logout after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  • Rewrote the device settings UI. You can now activate simple login for your device from here.

  • If new POS module is activated, legacy POS will also auto logout after a POS transaction session completes.

Release 6.2.51

  • Faster loading on the contacts screen

  • Removed limit of 100 displayed recent purchases on the contact screen

  • Enhanced information on recent purchase display

  • Fixed some navigation issues with the back button when navigating to and from the recent purchase history view.

Release 6.2.50

  • New POS now supports the ability to add a new customer during the transaction.

Release 6.2.46

  • Added advanced sales tools screen.

Release 6.2.45

  • New POS now supports integrated credit card payment type!.

Release 6.2.44

  • New POS now supports Check, and Other payment types.

  • New POS now supports enterable cash tender amounts in addition to preset buttons.

  • Text in the UI you can’t select can now be copied to clipboard by right-clicking on them.

  • Fixed an image loading issue.

Release 6.2.43

  • Redesigned Login

  • Fixed some issues in new POS when trying to complete a sale with no customer selected.

Release 6.2.42

  • First preview release of the new POS module!

Release 6.2.41

  • UI improvements.

  • Event Ref Ids are now visible as a column on Sales sets.

  • Misc bug fixes.

Release 6.2.40

  • Scan listeners have been improved to require less scan gun configuration.

  • Fixed an issue with images on receipts.

  • Improved legacy POS compatibility.

  • Updated UI color palette.

Release 6.2.38

  • Fixed a number of PDF rendering issues.

  • Fixed a problem with a dialog prompt in prepayments screen.

Release 6.2.37

  • Enhanced SKU view column selection.

Release 6.2.33

  • Improved permission roles for organizations.

Release 6.2.32

  • Improved legacy memo compatibility.

Release 6.2.31

  • Improved memory management for huge images.

  • Fixed some image printing issues.

  • Improved legacy POS compatibility.

Release 6.2.30

  • Improved memory management when loading hundreds of huge images.

  • Fixed a conflict between new Prepayments feature and legacy POS.

  • Fixed an issue preventing images from printing correctly on quotes and orders.

Release 6.2.29

  • Fixed an issue where invoices notes would not display correctly.

  • Contacts list can now display up to three notable dates (up from two).

  • Fixed a number of other minor misc UI annoyances.

Release 6.2.28

  • Thew new Prepayments (previously called "deposits") feature is now live! Use them for advance payments of any kind for which there is no invoice yet.

  • Enter stand alone prepayments, then allocate them as credit on invoices, or refund them.

  • Prepayments are full integrated with Xero accounting.

Release 6.2.27

  • Improved batch SKU adjustment tools

  • Updated CRM module with improved distinction between person and company contacts

  • SKUs list now displays notes correctly

  • Custom model fields now appear on screen when receiving with the CREATE NEW MODEL option.

  • Fixed a number of qty display issues in customer memos.

Release 6.2.26

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Quotes and Orders

  • Lots of UI bug fixes and improvements!

  • Memos module moves to v6! (Legacy to remain available side-by-side for a few releases)

  • SKUs list now includes columns to reveal memo information for items out on memo.

  • SKUs detail view now links to Memos is SKU is out on a memo.

  • v6 Memos allow for limited editing of Memos and also appending of additional items. (Manage memo is still in legacy window)

Release 6.2.25

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Quotes and Orders

Release 6.2.24

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Invoices

  • Revised sales home screen

Release 6.2.23

  • Lots of minor UI bug fixes and improvements!

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Contacts and Organizations

  • Improved UI for contacts and Organizations detail views.

  • Added a screen capture ability which operators can use to quickly take screen pictures to submit along with requests for assistance.

  • Enhanced receiving screen new model creation options.

Release 6.2.21

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Sales

Release 6.2.19

  • Full overhaul of sets and searching capabilities in Models

Release 6.2.18

  • Skus set list screen will now fallback to displaying the image of the model of any Sku that does not have an image attached.

  • Eliminated some rounding based display anomolies

  • New Geoshelf column combines Geolocation and Shelf columns into one (optional)

  • Model screen qty display issue resolved

  • Smarter back button on SKU can now return state of filter field and page

  • SKU quick find field directly from Inventory Home screen

  • Added model_barcode column for SKUs

  • Fixed a column display issue in SKU query tools

  • Updated Login screen

  • New "busy" indicator more clearly indicates when application is processing

  • Jump to a SKU smart query directly from the Inventory Home screen

  • Many misc improvements to SKU sets and searching

  • Fixed a potential issue with printing wrapped lines on tags

  • Fixed an issue where Jobs in contact recent purchase history were being opened as models and causing an error.

  • Improved receipt reprinting

Release 6.2.17

  • This release includes our v2.0 Xero integration module.

Release 6.2.16

  • Improved display of memo qty in SKUs

  • Faster searches in SKUs

Release 6.2.15

  • Addressed an issue with URL encoding

  • Fixed an issue with sorting on SKU sets

Release 6.2.14

  • New search type in Skus querys - IN and NOT IN.

  • Greatly improved SKU searching capabilities

  • Jump directly to any SKU set from the inventory home screen!

Release 6.2.13

  • Fixed an issue that could affect some Sales smart sets

Release 6.2.11

  • New batch model update advanced inventory tool.

  • Fixed an issue with new Sku set creation

  • Addressed an issue in invoice printing with notes

  • Improved compatibility with Eltron tag printers

Release 6.2.9

  • The release contains v2.0 of the Shopify integration module. This version is fully up to date with the Shopify API and offers better performance.

Release 6.2.8

  • Fixed a login issue with choosing geolocation

  • Fixed some behavior glitches in model screen

  • Addressed issues affecting dropdown menus in legacy job screens.

Release 6.2.7

  • Fixed a "trial" message in the installer.

  • Fixed some display bugs in the sku detail screen

  • Fixed an issue in tag printing

  • Fixed a spacing issue on some printouts

Release 6.2.6

  • Huge improvements to update installers to make them faster and remove certain issues with directory permissions.

  • Minor improvements to invoice printing

  • New tag formatting options

Release 6.2.1

  • The installers now properly request admin privileges as needed

  • General clean up and misc improvements

Release 6.2

  • The need for a VPN (Hamachi) has been eliminated for cloud hosted installs.

  • Performance improvements for cloud hosted installs.

Release 6.1.104

  • More speed for lookups by SKU or barcode or rfcode

  • Improved tag printing

  • Improved Shopify connectivity.

Release 6.1.103

  • Added a new tool to the advanced inventory admin that lets you use a file to batch update SKUs, (such as price or archived state). For users with manager level roles only!!!

elease 6.1.102

  • Move sku from shelf to shelf, from the SKU screen.

Release 6.1.101

  • The SKU detail screen has controls that allow you to edit qty at existing shelf locations at your own geolocation. This is not an alternative to properly transferring inventory across your multi store setup, or proper receiving. Don't try to use it as a short cut! Follow inventory management best practices for best results.

  • SKU archiving is a standard field now. Check it on or off as needed, then use it to filter in or out of your smart sets. Simple!

  • Quickly add skus to your Sets by entering the sku, barcode, or rfcode into the "Add Sku" box in the Set toolbar.

  • Improved labels. If you have custom fields whose labels looked like this ... my_custom_field_name, it will now probably look like this ... My Custom Field Name

  • SKUs now display Ages both at location (answers the question "How long has this been on this shelf?"), and overall absolute age of the SKU via time created (answers the question "How long has it been since we first received this SKU?") value which is set at creation and does not change.

Release 6.1.100

  • Improvements to new tag printing, including new formatters.

  • Fixed a UI scrolling issue in invoice creation

  • More improvements to Model creation screen

Release 6.1.99

  • Tracking 0 - 2 fields are now controlled at the Model level and branch down to member SKUs.

  • Significant performance increases in SKU list and detail screens

  • SKU detail screens now show detailed per shelf location level qtys.

  • Improved Model detail screens

  • Cost hiding is done through the use of asterisk characters like *****. All other cloaking schemes are available only on a custom basis.

Release 6.1.97

  • If you share ownership on some SKUs you must put the asset value that belongs to you in the cost field. The other portions of value go in the other value field.

  • Improved RTV screen

  • Improved view of invoices with no contact

  • Improvements in SKU set views. Better searching.

Release 6.1.96

  • Receipt printing is fully updated throughout the program.

  • Updates to Shopify integration to keep it up to date with the latest from Shopify

Release 6.1.95

  • Fixed a typo that was causing comments to not be recorded on qty adjustments

  • Increased the event limit on model view to 250 from 100

  • Fixed a bug in receiving by file where the receiving note was not being saved in the item note

  • Legacy Item List view is removed

  • Last used tag printer is now remembered.

  • Fixed a bug where POS wasnt opening from link on sale home screen

  • Legacy Batch Item Qty adjustment tool has been removed

  • Fixed an issue where credit note number was not printing

  • Made some tweaks so item sale view can cope with migrated data better

  • COM Port based cash drawer support has been dropped. See our blog for reviews of recommended compatible cash drawers.

Release 6.1.94

  • New contacts merge tool!

Release 6.1.93

  • Skus has a new column called Event Ref Id that you can search in or display in columns.

  • Cost editing is now done just via the cost field if role permits. The legacy cost editor dialog has been removed.

  • Price editing is now just done directly in the price field if your role permits. The legacy price change dialog has been removed.

Release 6.1.92

  • BusinessMind now supports a single price per SKU. Multi pricing capabilities are now only available through customization of fields.

Release 6.1.88

  • RFID comparison in cycle count is now case insensitive

  • Dropped support for 3 inch tape printing.

  • Old invoice print layouts have been completely replaced with the new layouts. Your invoice and receipt printouts will look completely different!!!!

Release 6.1.87

  • New Tag Printing Subsystem! This complete overhaul makes tag printing a much better citizen on machines that have virus protection on them.

  • Hugely improved metrics calculation. Huge speed improvements and much more efficient.

Release 6.1.86

  • When creating invoices, orders, or credit notes, when you lookup the customer, the delivery info label will turn into a link that will show all the addresses of the selected customer in a dropdown when clicked if there are any. Selecting one will put the text into the delivery info text area.

Release 6.1.85

  • New feature: Add items to a set by file containing skus, barcodes, and/or rfcodes. - To access this, click the Set, then look in the little menu widget on the left of the column label row.

  • Removed Import images tool - this is now offered as a pay per instance service only.

  • Added warning for when creating more than 10 new skus with SKU per item option on receiving.

  • Misc fixes!

Release 6.1.84

  • CSV exports now include ALL columns available, in alphabetical order.

  • Improved metrics performance.

  • Fixed a bug with searching on Age column in SKUs

  • New SKU lists now display images!!

  • New Set (as opposed to Smart Set) functionality IN SKUs.

  • Misc improvements to Set/SmartSet views.

  • Removed InterItemQtyTransfer. Use bulk qty adjustment instead.

  • Added pdf grid output for Skus list. This replaces the old catalog feature.

Release 6.1.80

  • New Cycle Count Tool! (physical check)

  • New Adjust Qty by file administrative tool. This is accessible from the Inventory Home screen.

  • Added new scan to file tool. This can be used to get barcodes and rfcodes into a file. You can also manual type using this tool to add stock ids. This tool is linked from where you do cycle counts from in the SKUs list views.

Release 6.1.78

  • Added Copy To New Quote function (lets you copy the items on a quote to a new quote quickly)

Release 6.1.75

  • Column selection is now available in Smart Sets!

  • All the standard performance metrics, mainly Gross Margin Percent, Turn, GMROI, and Avg Age When Sold, are calculated for inventory as a whole in metrics, and also on a per model basis.

  • Discount percent calculation precision has been increased to prevent weird cents from showing up sometimes on line items.

Release 6.1.74

  • New Integration!!

Release 6.1.72

  • Ever wanted to be able to import contacts into your system from a file? Now you can!

Release 6.1.68

  • Added a new module called Replenishment Plan.

  • Added a new metric in inventory called replenishment. It shows the total cost and qty of merchandise expected to be received.

  • Added a new metric in inventory called Demand Cost. It shows the cost and units of the total unmet demand (orders). This is stock that is missing based on inventory, workshop, and the replenishment plan, needed to meet current orders.

  • Added a new metric in workshop called Demand. This shows the count of component items needed to assemble things on order that have a BOM. This will always show 0 if your system does not have a custom BOM module installed.

Release 6.1.67

  • Support for Clearent EMV card payment processing!

  • New printout for card payment authorizations that adheres to EMV requirements.

  • Enhanced recent purchase display on customer screen

  • Printable customer wish lists!

Release 6.1.65

  • Added a new feature that lets you copy all the lines on an invoice into a new credit note screen. Makes doing large returns from clients fast!

Release 6.1.63

  • Improved components view directly within SKU detail screen!

Release 6.1.61

  • Debut of the new improved orders module!

  • Look of the Sku list view is much improved

Release 6.1.56

  • New metrics in contacts home screen!

Release 6.1.54

  • Lots of improvements to RFID support.

Release 6.1.47

  • Beautiful new print options for gift receipts and credit notes!

Release 6.1.46

  • Beautiful new print options for Invoices!

Release 6.1.45

General improvements to Sales invoice management.

  • Partially Editable Credit Notes and Invoices

  • Delete Payments, Refunds, or Credit Allocations

  • Allocate credit from credit notes to invoices to lower their balances.



  • Fixed some field labels so they make more sense.

  • Added role based privilege control for invoice editing, payment creation, refund creation, credit note editing, and credit note allocation.

  • Improved load management for metrics.

  • Misc bug fixes!

Release 6.1.39

  • New RTV screen! Use this to make returns to vendor, either of purchased or consigned goods.

  • Also allows to process returns to vendor in bulk by file.

Release 6.1.38

  • Introducing Metrics! New real-time at a glance indicators to help you gauge business performance and key factors throughout the day.

Release 6.1.37

  • Speed, Speed, and more Speed!!!

Release 6.1.33

  • Integrations with Xero will no support individual account and tax configurations per Geolocation.

Release 6.1.31

  • This release adds support for simultaneous use of RFID and regular barcode tags.

Release 6.1.27

  • Models can now be assigned a bar code. This is useful for high qty items where you want to still assign each item their own SKU, but when replacing a tag you don't want to have to track down the specific unit. You can tag it with a model level barcode!

Release 6.1.22

  • Added a new invoice view! This is a view that BusinessMind never had before. It displays an invoice on screen with a scrolling list of line items embedded in the window.

  • This is not to be confused with the sale view that enumerates each item sold, as opposed to each invoice created. (Hint: An invoice can have multiple items within it!)

Release 6.1.21

  • Improvements to system logging and background process management for auto starting on boot, etc.

Release 6.1.19

  • More data shifted from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Release 6.1.14

  • Case insensitive searches are now possible in Smart Sets

Release 6.1.10

  • CouchDB functions are fully replaced by PostgreSQL in this release.

Release 6.1.9

  • Significant enhancements to emailing capabilities. These are now hosted and sent via our cloud systems.

Release 6.1.3

  • Enhancements to the Contact screen

Release 6.1.0

  • Improved Xero integration!

  • Introduction of new Smart Sets functionality.

  • Brand new look! Taking on the character of what it will look like when in a browser and iPad

Release 6.0.99

  • Receive items in bulk by importing from a file!

Release 6.0.86

  • New Dedicated Tag fields available for inventory.

Release 6.0.84

  • The built in time clock feature has been dropped and is no longer supported. There are lots of good dedicated time clock systems out there like Harvest and TSHeets. We may integrate with one of these in the future if there is more demand for it.

Release 6.0.81

  • Enhancements to our B.I.G integration

Release 6.0.74

  • Enhancements to our Shopify Integration!

Release 6.0.70

  • New Receiving screen for inventory coming from production!

Release 6.0.67

  • Installs and starts using the PostgreSQL database.

Release 6.0.63

  • SMS texting capabilities are now baked into BusinessMind.

Release 6.0.62

  • Tag printing configuration is handled on cloud servers only. All legacy local configurations are disabled.

Release 6.0.49

  • New contacts screen!

  • 5X speed increase on customer screen loading!

  • Contact source field is dropped.

  • Designating a contact as a client is no longer manual. It happens automatically if the contact makes a purchase.

  • Designating a contact as a vendor is no longer manual. Any contact can supply you with products.

  • Employees no longer have a special designation if entered as a contact. Note: for backwards compatibility with some commission features, you may need to submit a request to tech support to enable legacy features pertaining to this.

  • Quick Letter feature is dropped, because it is 2017 now.

Release 6.0.42

  • New Model Screens!

  • Vendor lookup in model screen is now a "type ahead" field.

  • Department field renamed to Tracking 0

  • Type field renamed to Tracking 1

  • Item Code field renamed to Tracking 2

Release 6.0.40

  • New SKU detail screen!

  • Legacy CBT field is no longer supported.

  • Asset sharing on SKUs no longer requires a link to a contact.

  • Auto-generate description feature is dropped. This is only available on a custom basis now.

  • Third price can no longer be treated as cost. The cost is the cost, and that's that!

  • New Shopify fields available!

  • Unused tabs and fields no longer fill and clutter the screen.

  • Disassemble Item feature is dropped. To disassemble an item adjust its qty down and receive in the result pieces of the disassembly.

  • Model number is not editable since every SKU must be associated with a Model.

  • SKU is no longer editable. To change the SKU of an item, adjust its qty to 0, then receive it again as the desired SKU.

  • Screen is designed for dimensions used in typical browser windows.

Release 6.0.29

  • Support for TracTech RFID as the preferred and default RFID integration for BusinessMind!

Release 6.0.20

  • New Inventory Receiving Screen!

Release 6.0.19

  • Employee scheduler feature is now unsupported due to lack of demand.

Release 6.0.12

  • System configurations are handled via cloud servers. All other configuration areas are deprecated.

Release 6.0.9

  • Consolidated all local setting to a single file.

  • Prepared the way local settings are stored to be compatible with upcoming browser based version.

  • Printing to "3 inch tape receipt" printers is no longer supported as a standard feature. 99% of users utilize laser or ink jet printed documents.

  • Dropped support for Magellan RFID equipment due to lack of demand for these devices.

Release 6.0.5

  • You can now logout and log back in as the same user or a different one without quitting the app!

Release 6.0.4

  • Optimized authentication procedure with cloud servers.

  • Use a valid email address as a username. Other usernames are not supported.

  • Introduction of new "role" based privileged access systems.

  • If you forget your password or need to reset it, you now do so by clicking the little blue "Reset Password" link right under the login area. Follow the steps through your browser and email to perform the reset.

Release 6.0.3

  • Multiple confusing scan fields are now consolidated in the Physical Check.

  • Directly editing cost on SKUs is disabled since it is not compatible with most accounting programs and its generally accepted as being an anti-pattern in terms of best practices for inventory management/accounting. If you discover an item with an incorrect cost, remove and restock it with the correct cost.

Release 6.0.1

  • Requires installation of an ElasticSearch database.

  • Faster search!

Release 6.0.0

  • Legacy reports moved under the Search menu in a submenu called Pre-Built.

  • Legacy Accounting is dropped. Use Xero integration instead.