Business Analytics for Jewelry Retailers and Manufacturers

The BusinessMind software for jewelers intelligence module provides over 40 specialized charts and graphs to provide quick "at a glance" visual information about your jewelry business data. In addition over 100 core reports provide detailed data about your jewelry business in print, pdf, and csv export format.

The analytics module goes beyond tabulating data into reports and provides deep insights into the performance of your jewelry business. This analysis is based on standard metrics such as GMROI, turn, age, and others. These metrics are combined expertly to allow the software to help you answer some of the key questions about your jewelry business such as:

  • Who are the customers that are actively engaged with my business?
  • Who are the customers that have fallen away?
  • Are we gaining or loosing customers and at what rate?
  • Who are my best customers and what are they buying?
  • Which vendors perform the best in my jewelry store?
  • Which jewelry products perform the best in my jewelry store based on GMROI?
  • Which jewelry products have the fastest turn?
  • Which jewelry products should I restock? Which should not be restocked?
  • Which sales people are performing the best?
  • How much discounting is attributed to each sales person?
  • What is the throughput of the jewelry shop and where are the bottlenecks?
  • More...

These are just a few of the questions that BusinessMind will help you answer about your jewelry business. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, growth, and profits.

Raffi Minassian

Chief Codesmith, Technology Obsessor, and Founder of DCIT Corporation. I also teach Kung Fu, play guitar, snowboard, and enjoy good beer. (Not all at once.)